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New Frontier Financial, Inc. is a full service mortgage banking firm founded more than 20 years ago.  We are a company that stresses quality and integrity in all we do.  We want to help you buy the home of your dreams.  With our service comes the experience you need to get the lowest rates possible.  We are on YOUR side.  We will negotiate and work with the banks and lenders to help you achieve a plan that is manageable and offers growth.   

From first-time homebuyer purchases, to mortgage refinancing and investment properties, the New Frontier Financial, Inc. team of experienced and knowledgeable licensed financial professionals are committed to honesty, professionalism and the long term care of our customers.                                                                                                      

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Owner & CEO Martha Walters is approved for lending in 39 States and has specialized knowledge of Texas. She has experienced many changes in the mortgage industry.  Before she began her career in the mortgage industry, she was a top producer as a real estate agent.  This combined experience of both professions gives Martha the edge needed to take your transaction to the closing table.

Connecting with the person who's help you find financing makes the process less stressful for your entire family.  We will have an open conversation discussing the key finance measures that you are looking for.  

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Embedded in our mission statement is our hope to inspire the very best people with opportunities for growth.  New Frontier Financial, Inc. nurtures the environment in which knowledge is shared, initiative is encouraged and discussion of innovative ideas is vigorous.

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